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Novell Recovery Tool Recover Inaccessible Novell Data

Novell Recovery software is easy to use solution designed and developed to recover data from corrupt or damaged Netware volumes. Novell Data Recovery software repairs corrupt or damaged Novell partition and recovers data from crashed Novell clients and servers. Novell data Recovery software successfully recovers data from corrupted NWFS, Net386, and NSS partitions, which get damaged due to partition table corruption, operating system corruption, volume Table, HotFix Tables, DET, or FAT corruptions.

What is Novell NetWare? Novell Netware is a versatile operating system, which consists of servers including storage systems that have one or more volumes of information. The first volume is called as SYS and others can be named as VOL1, VOL2, etc. Novell has two types of volumes: Novell Traditional and NSS. The major feature of Novell's operating system, Netware 5.1, is it is robust, scalable, and time-tested Novell Directory Services, also known as NDS.

Novell data recovery software recovers data from the missing or damaged volumes of Novell. The software supports data recovery from NWFS (Netware Traditional File System), Net386, and NSS (Novell Storage System).

To secure fast recovery of data from corrupt, deleted, formatted, or crashed Novell server, Novell data recovery software uses Quick algorithm to detect corruption and to recover lost data to a safest location, which can easily be located by the user.

Novell Data Recovery software provides data recovery from NWFS and NSS partitions; therefore, the software is available in two forms:

Kernel Novell - Netware Traditional Partition Recovery Software: It recovers data from deleted, formatted, corrupted, or damaged Novell Netware volumes and from crashed drives where Novell Traditional (NWFS) based file system are installed.

Kernel Novell - Netware NSS partition Recovery Software: It recovers data from deleted, formatted, or corrupted Novell Netware volumes and from crashed drives where Novell NSS based file system are installed.

Novell data recovery software is fully featured software to repair Novell volumes and recover data from them. The software comprises following salient features:

  • Effectively Retrieve Netware volumes.
  • Recovers data even if key data structures like Volume, Hot Fix Tables, etc. are deleted.
  • Recovers sub allocated data volumes.
  • Netware volume recovery from compressed files and directories.
  • Supports IDE, EIDE, SCSI, and SATA drives.
  • Recovery from volumes in failure of VRepair to repair corrupt volumes.
  • Recovers inaccessible data.

Novell data Recovery software can successfully recover Novell data when data gets corrupted or deleted due to following reasons:

  • Corruption in Partition Table Deletion
  • Corrupt Operating System
  • Corrupt Volume Table, HotFix Tables, DET, or FAT
  • Corruption in Pool Table, Leaf, or Branch
  • When Corrupt volume cannot be repaired with VRepair
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